AFEER Academy continues the basic and advanced courses in the energy sector


The Romanian Electricity Suppliers Association (AFEER) announces that this year AFEER Academy is organizing basic and advanced training courses on the energy sector and the supply and trading activity. The project is proving to be a successful one, given the interest shown by the participants in the energy market for these courses, supported by experts with experience in the field. Although it was launched on November 5, AFEER Academy already had three series, with over 70 students.

Next week, at AFEER Academy, the course dedicated to Balancing Market takes place. “The interest shown for this course was so great that we decided to organize two series. The first course will be held next week, with the participation of 25 students. Following the large requests, we decided to organize an additional series, which is scheduled for March,” says Ion Lungu, AFEER President.

The Balancing Market course is aimed at people who want to have in-depth knowledge about this market, to improve in the activity of offering on the Balance Market and in the calculation of imbalances and who are interested in becoming active participants in this market directly or through the aggregator. The course aims to explain the mechanism and utility of the Balancing Market, as well as its need from the point of view of the operator of the National Energy System.

“New rules are to be applied on the Balancing Market, which will operate according to European regulations. In the future, with the possibility of the emergence of aggregators, who will be able to participate in the Balancing Market, as well as due to the development of the concept of demand-response, the number of participants in the Balancing Market will increase exponentially, which will increase its importance in the portfolios of market participants,” says Ion Lungu.

Also, AFEER Academy classes dedicated to accumulating the basic knowledge regarding the energy sector will continue.


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