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Vestra – state-of-the-art technologies for the utilities industry in Romania

22 May 2023
General Interest
Bogdan Tudorache

Vestra, a Romanian company with more than 25 years of experience in the utilities and automation equipment industry, recognized for providing innovative solutions for the water supply and sewage services sector, will participate in ExpoApa 2023, the reference event in the field. The exhibition will take place between May 23-25, 2023, at the REDAL EXPO Pavilion in Sibiu.

Vestra reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development and brings to ExpoApa 2023 state-of-the-art technologies and customized solutions that meet the needs of the water supply and sewage services industry in Romania. At the two exhibition stands, indoor and outdoor, the cluster will present a diverse range of advanced equipment and systems, aimed at streamlining and improving processes in this vital sector.

At the Vestra outdoor stand, one of the interesting pieces of equipment is the special vehicle from the MISTRAL range, produced by the French group RIVARD. This hydro cleaner of sewer networks is equipped with a tank that can be divided into two or three sections, vacuum pumps with lobes that have a strong suction force, high pressure pumps and can be equipped with a filter system for recycling waste water. Until now, Vestra has delivered more than 35 MISTRAL trucks to important companies in the field of water and sewage distribution in Romania.

Vestra will also present the Stream DP georadar from IDS GeoRadar, an Italian manufacturer of non-invasive monitoring and inspection equipment. This is a tool that allows underground detection and imaging of various objects and structures, such as water pipes, electrical cables and other underground elements.

At the same time, the products of Enz Technik Ag, a leading Swiss manufacturer of cleaning heads for sewer networks, will be presented. They include ceramic nozzles with a specially treated stainless steel body, which allow efficient and precise cleaning of sewer pipes.

As a sustainable alternative for transporting equipment and materials in urban areas, Vestra will present the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master electric truck. This vehicle with an innovative design, equipped with a powerful electric motor and an operational autonomy of up to 200 kilometers, offers a transport solution with zero emissions and no noise pollution. Renault Trucks E-Tech Master can be adapted to meet various customer requirements, making it an excellent choice for those interested in reliable and high-performance electric vehicles.

In addition to all this, the EvGo charging stations for fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, which include the Smart Charging function, will be presented at the Vestra outdoor stand. This innovative functionality enables dynamic charging management, ensuring vehicle charging even in situations where optimal parameters cannot be ensured in the electricity supply network. EvGo stations are easy to install and can be used both in the urban environment and outside the city.

At the indoor stand, Vestra will showcase products from French manufacturer Sainte-Lizaigne, including E-cube above-ground junction boxes, Regrad underground junction boxes, burglar-proof brass taps and brass compression sockets. All these products are designed to meet the highest safety and durability standards.

Also on display will be the products of CONFUNCO, a Spanish company that offers high-quality technical solutions for civil engineering. Among them will be the Voyager-D400 mantel cover, cast in ductile iron, high-security elastic safety lock and ergonomic one-step lift.

In addition, the cluster will make a presentation and demonstration of the Temetra software platform from the American company Itron, which allows the use of LoRaWAN technology (or other IoT technologies) to collect data from meters. LoRaWAN is one of the most advanced solutions for remote meter reading, which allows the collection of data on water or energy consumption without requiring direct human intervention, contributing to an efficient and transparent management of resources.

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