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US offers the Republic of Moldova 50 mln. USD to strengthen resilience

30 May 2024

The US State Administration will offer the Republic of Moldova 50 million dollars to strengthen the republic’s ability to resist Russian interference, to organize free and fair elections and to continue the path towards the European Union, announced US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. during a press conference held alongside the president Maia Sandu, in Chisinau, informs Moldpres.

The American official emphasized that the USA wants to work with the Republic of Moldova to strengthen the country’s economy and energy security.

“Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure have also exacerbated the challenges for your country. Energy prices have increased, affecting businesses and consumers. The United States, together with the Republic of Moldova, wants to increase the use of renewable sources, to move us away from dependence on sources Russian energy,” said Blinken.

According to the US Secretary of State, “the Republic of Moldova has a direct experience with these challenges” and that is why it is “so firmly with the Ukrainian people”.

“You really are a small country with a big heart. You received more than a million refugees at the beginning of the war, you provided shelter, jobs, healthcare and education. I think that Moldovans are aware of the fact that what is happening in Ukraine is important not only for Ukraine, but also for Moldova, for the rest of Europe and beyond. We know that if we allow this aggression against Ukraine to continue, these attacks will not stop in Ukraine. That’s why we stand by and support Ukraine”, emphasized Antony Blinken.

The US Secretary of State said that the US and its partners use sanctions against those who try to undermine Moldova’s democracy. He appreciated the commitment of the Republic of Moldova for democracy, in the context of a disinformation campaign and anti-government attempts.

“I am here and I bring from President Biden the firm commitment to the sovereignty and success of the Republic of Moldova. Madam President, the last time I was here you told me that a stronger, more resilient Moldova can become a pole of stability, a reliable partner , a bastion of the free world and I believe that this is the path that the people of the Republic of Moldova are on and this is the path that you talked about. Two years ago we discussed how we will continue to build a dynamic Moldova, anchored in Europe, that lives in peace , with the Moldovans who will decide their future”, recalled Blinken.

“Despite so many difficulties you are facing, you have taken concrete steps to fulfill this vision that will create a strong future – the European path. Today we want to continue this progress and will soon conclude negotiations for a new embassy headquarters, which will be a symbol of the depth of our relationship and will provide a basis for their deepening. Here the commitment to democracy is very strong, so that Moldovans decide their own future and that in the face of a campaign of intimidation, of Russian interference, of spreading disinformation, of using of weaponizing corruption, manufacturing anti-government protests,” the US official added.

“Together with other countries we are trying to give you the necessary support to move forward. I go back to February 2022, since then the US has allocated 774 million dollars to strengthen Moldovan institutions, build your resilience and counter these actions coming from to the Russian Federation”, said Antony Blinken.


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