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TSG Group partners Pixii AS to offer integrated solutions for mobility

25 October 2023

TSG is strengthening its range of global energy solutions to better meet its customers’ needs and is pleased to announce a partnership with Pixii AS, the European specialist in energy storage solutions.

Thanks to this partnership, TSG can now offer its customers— including companies and service stations— storage solutions aimed at optimizing energy usage and costs, while also contributing to the stability of the electricity network.

These solutions complement the array of integrated photovoltaic installations, which TSG has been developing over the past few months, notably through the acquisition of two specialized companies. This summer, TSG confirmed the acquisitions of JCM Solar (France) and EEG (South Africa), which had marked TSG’s 20th acquisition in the past 2 years on new energies for mobility and related technical services.

“Now, more than ever, our ambition is to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for innovative energy solutions, particularly in the realm of responsible mobility”, announced TSG Group.

At turn, Pixii celebrated the partnership with TSG, and explained that „they bring expertise in distribution, installation, and maintenance of our energy solutions, ensuring top performance and global reach”.

TSG Group is present with over 160 employees in Romania, where it secures the maintenance for almost 900 fuel stations.

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