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Transgaz starts operating the national gas transmission system of the Republic of Moldova

18 September 2023

As of September 19, 2023, Transgaz will operate the National Gas Transmission System of the Republic of Moldova, including in the Transnistrian region through its local subsidiary Vestmoldtransgaz. This is an event of historic importance for both the Republic of Moldova and Romania, says the CEO of Transgaz Ion Sterian in an interview with Radio Chisinau. He announces that over the next five years investments will be made in modernizing Moldova’s natural gas transmission networks and connecting households that do not yet have access to these resources to the network.

“Taking over the operation of Moldova’s gas networks is the first step in the process of European integration. The electricity transmission part is the second step. On the gas chapter, this subject has been closed here, on the electricity transmission side there is and work is being done to increase capacities,” Ion Sterian said, quoted by Radio Chisinau.

The CEO of Transgaz wanted to assure all Moldovan citizens that the takeover of the gas transmission networks by the Romanian system operator will mean more energy security for the whole country. “It will accelerate the pace of connecting localities to gas for both domestic and industrial consumers, it will increase the security of gas supply for next winter and for the years to come”, Ion Sterian said.

The European Commission strongly supports the Republic of Moldova, said the head of Transgaz, who added: “I wish that all negotiating chapters will be opened as soon as possible and the Republic of Moldova will become part of the European Union.”

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