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Transgaz and Transelectrica profits increased last year

18 February 2014

National gas transporter Transgaz recorded revenues of 1.55 billion lei (345.2 million euros) in the previous financial year, higher by 10% than in 2012 after transport tariffs were increased. The company reported a net profit of 336.8 million lei (75 million euros). Transgaz recorded expenditures of 1.12 billion lei (249.44 million euros), up 10% compared to 2012, mainly because  of the imposition of gas transport monopoly tax.

The national power grid transmission operator Transelectrica recorded in 2013 revenues of 2.46 billion lei (547.88 million euros), down 10.8% compared to 2012, and reported a net profit of 162.29 million lei (36.8 million euros), 4.7 times higher than that for the financial year 2012. 1.15 billion lei of revenues are generated by the transport service. Late last year, the company had a total debt amounting to 2.59 billion lei (587.8 million euros), 3% higher compared to 2.51 billion lei in 2012.

Both companies stated that the financial results are preliminary, are unaudited and have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. Both monopoly gas transmission and power were transferred from the Ministry of Finance last week under the authority of the Government General Secretariat.


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