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Transelectrica energized the 400 kV interconnection with Serbia

29 March 2018
Gabriel Avăcăriței

On Wednesday, at 20.49, the 400 kVA LEA double-circuit interconnector Reşiţa (Romania) – Pancevo (Serbia) was energized, Transelectrica announced in a statement. The high-voltage line, which interconnects with Serbia, was received in February this year, and will become commercially operational in the latter part of this year.

The 400 kV Air Line (LEA) Resita-Pancevo is a project of common interest, part of the Mid Continental East Corridor, and one of its main roles is to strengthen the national and Southeast European power system. The realization of the 400 kV Resita-Pancevo LEA will allow the elimination of major congestion in the area of the two Romanian and Serbian power systems as well as the increase of the transfer capacity between Romania and Serbia and across the South-Eastern Europe.

The portion of the 400 kV Resita-Pancevo 400 kV in Romania is realized in the double circuit and crosses 11 localities in the county of Caraş-Severin: Resita, Ezeriş, Lupac, Dognecea, Goruia, Ticvaniu Mare, Berlişte, Ciudanoviţa, Gradinari, Vărădia and Vrani.

LEA 400 kV Resita – Pancevo has a length of 63 km in Romania and a 206 poles. The length of the line on Serbian territory is 68 kilometers.

In a Facebook post, Transelectrica thanked the teams that “through their dedication and professionalism” made it possible to complete this project.

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The team that performed the energizing (from left to right): Brătulescu Vasilică – Chief Deputy Reşiţa Exploitation Center, Constantin Adrian – Reşiţa Exploitation Center Chief, Vornic Ianaş – Project Manager Investment, Chiosa Nicolae – ST Timişoara Technical Director, Iacobici Luca – ST Timisoara Director, Breșneni Adrian – LEA electrician, Nicoară Ovidiu – LEA engineer and admittance.

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