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The Center for the Study of Democracy has launched the Romanian Observatory of Energy Poverty

24 February 2022
General Interest

The Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) has set up the Romanian Energy Poverty Observatory, to provide a 360-degree perspective on energy poverty at the national level. CSD is one of the most important organizations that contribute to the study of energy poverty in Romania.

Watch HERE a conversation on defining the vulnerable consumer, in January 2021, at EnergynomicsTalks – in RO!

Energy poverty is a major challenge at the national level and substantial resources are needed to combat it effectively. According to CSD experts, the current system of helping those in energy poverty, as structured mainly through the law of the vulnerable consumer, still excludes many households in need. “In fact, misallocation of aid is one of the main problems of the existing system.”

“Through the Romanian Energy Poverty Observatory (ORSE), we bring to the table top experts from various fields relevant to the landscape of energy poverty in Romania,” said Anca Sinea, vice president of the Center for the Study of Democracy and coordinator of the project. “Together, we aim to unlock the resources needed to better understand the root causes of local energy poverty, the impact of this phenomenon and the extent to which existing policies can be improved to combat the phenomenon effectively. ORSE promotes solutions based on in-depth analysis, data and a European exchange of ideas”, she adds.

At the same time, the CSD set up a multidisciplinary working group of experts to identify the best solutions to combat energy poverty, especially in the context of the pandemic and the crisis of high energy prices.

Did you know that?

… almost one in two Romanians is at risk of energy poverty

… energy poverty is a widespread phenomenon in all European countries, but former communist states are more affected by its manifestations

… in Romania, low incomes, living in inefficient housing and, implicitly, high energy consumption are factors that create a high risk that many families will face energy poverty

… rural households are more vulnerable to energy poverty than those in urban areas due to low incomes, inadequate living conditions and reduced access to infrastructure

… in Romania, for 45.3% of the population, energy bills are too heavy a burden on their own household budget, paying over 10% of their family budget for them

… more information about this project, but also the phenomenon of energy poverty at the national level can be found on the ORSE website.

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