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The back-to-back station in Vulcănești is out, all money goes for LEA Bălți-Suceava

3 March 2023

The Government of the Republic of Moldova decided to reallocate the financial resources intended for the construction of the Back-to-Back Vulcănești (BtB) station for the construction of a new interconnection with Romania through the 400 kV Balti-Suceava Overhead Power Line (LEA) and the extension of the 330 kV Balti station. The construction of the 600 MW Back-to-Back station in Vulcănești is no longer justified from a technical and economic point of view, the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Planning (CIPS) of the Government decided, after the Republic of Moldova synchronized its power system, together with Ukraine, to the continental European electricity system (ENTSO-E).

Additionally, the feasibility study, developed with the support of the World Bank, identified several benefits of building new interconnections with Romania, including the creation of the necessary premises for the development of electricity production from renewable sources in both countries, the expansion of the electricity market at the level of the European Union (EU) and reducing congestion in the energy infrastructure, through greater flexibility and sustainability of the two systems.

“The multiple interconnection with Romania will allow us to fully become part of ENTSO-E, without depending on Ukraine”, declared the Minister of Energy, Victor Parlicov. “The construction of this line was included in the investment plan of the continental energy system”

The project involves the construction of an overhead power line (LEA) with a nominal voltage of 400 kV, with a length of 138 km, of which 90 km on the territory of Romania and 48 km on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, on the route Suceava (Romania) – Bălți (Republic of Moldova ), as well as the expansion of the Suceava station with the construction of a new 400 kV station in Balti. The cost of the investment amounts to around 40 million euros. Transelectrica has already submitted the project to obtain financing within the Modernization Fund.

In parallel, with the aim of strengthening the energy independence of the Republic of Moldova, the Vulcănești-Chișinău high-voltage line is being built, which will allow the import of electricity avoiding the Moldovan Power Plant at Cuciurgan. The power line execution project is in the process of being finalized and the strength testing for all types of pylons has been completed. The construction works are to be completed in 2025.


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