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Sustainability Academy offers grants and content dedicated to the HoReCa industry

22 February 2024
General Interest

The Sustainability Academy offers companies in the HoReCa industry grants of 6,000 euro and dedicated educational content developed by 18 entrepreneurs, managers and local experts. The Sustainability Academy is a project initiated by Social Innovation Solutions together with the Coca‑Cola Foundation, founding partner, BCR, main partner and OMV Petrom, partner.

The grant program is associated with the launch of a new self-paced e-learning module available through the Sustainability Academy platform developed by Social Innovation Solutions. This educational module is dedicated to HoReCa entrepreneurs interested in transforming their business into a more sustainable one.

“We want to help hospitality entrepreneurs to reduce the pressure they feel by adapting to the new sustainability trends and norms and to find in these changes a real opportunity. That’s why we created in the Sustainability Academy a module focused on the specific needs of the HoReCa industry, along with a support tool for accelerated learning through cohorts and a grant program through which we support entrepreneurs to transform theoretical notions about sustainability into concrete impact,” says Ciprian Stănescu, President of Social Innovation Solutions.

The new HoReCa module contains 8 chapters totaling over 12 hours of content. Entrepreneurs will be able to learn how to improve their operations, reduce the effort generated by legislative changes in the field, create their first sustainability strategy for their business and improve their brand reputation.

Each chapter has a self-contained structure, and essential information is presented succinctly, so that every entrepreneur has the freedom to follow the elements that are in focus for the level of the business they are running – from how to create their own local supply chain, how to manage resource consumption or even access new funding.

The implementation of sustainability measures in business requires financial resources that, most of the time, SMEs lack at the beginning of the journey. That is why the Sustainability Academy offers the most active entrepreneurs following the HoReCa module the chance to obtain one of two grants worth 3,000 euros. At the end of the module, entrepreneurs will lay the foundations of their first sustainability strategy and, with the help of grants, will be able to start turning it into concrete actions. Applications for the first grant can be made until 08.04.2024, and for the second, until 06.05.2024.

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