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Storage obligations for green energy producers using public funds

4 October 2023

The National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE is considering obliging the beneficiaries of European or government funds intended for investments in wind and photovoltaic units to invest in electricity storage solutions.

“In the renewable energy sector we will not succeed without storage. We are thinking very seriously, if the funds are European or governmental, to force investors to stock up. It is absolutely critical that this happens. We encourage any initiative that produces green energy, but we have many problems”, said Mircea Man, vice-president of ANRE Romania, during the “Regional Approach Chișinău” conference organized by Energynomics.

The number of prosumers in Romania reached 100,000 this year, and this already represents “a big challenge and a problem”, because both in the distribution system and in the energy transport system, a lot of investment is needed strengthening networks.

At the same time, Romania also needs the expansion of natural gas distribution networks to more beneficiaries, even if the European Commission insistently sends messages related to the development of green energy. According to Man, Romania managed to overcome last year’s energy crisis, applying compensations of almost 20 billion lei, which meant “a heavy burden” for the state budget.

But this crisis is not over yet. “If anyone thinks that this crisis is far from us, they are wrong. The challenges will be bigger and bigger for us and for the Republic of Moldova”, said Man, adding that Romania is prepared for next winter from the perspective of the volume of gas stored in the warehouses, which is higher than that of 2022.

“We have no elements to worry us at this moment”, the ANRE vice-president also said. At the same time, the two regulatory authorities from Romania and Moldova, as well as Moldgaz and Transgaz, will have a meeting in Romania in the next period “because there are many things to put in place”.

The conference “Regional Approach Chișinău” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners Huawei, Siemens Energy, Transgaz.

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