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Sterian: Romanian companies should contract more external works

29 April 2024

Romanian companies should contract more works outside the country, “because many opportunities have started to appear, for example in Africa,” said, on Friday, the general manager of Transgaz, Ion Sterian, at the launching ceremony of the pipeline related to the project Black Sea-Podisor. In June 2023, Transgaz signed a contract with Kalyon of Turkey for the execution of works on the Tuzla-Podișor gas pipeline, which could be commissioned in summer 2025.

On Friday, in Dragalina, in Călăraşi county, the launch of a pipeline section that makes up the Tuzla-Podisor gas pipeline took place and the vice president of the Republic of Turkey, Cevdet Yilmaz, was also present at the event.

“I wish, and I am fighting as general director of Transgaz, for Romanian companies to go out into the world as well. Opportunities have started to appear. We have one of these opportunities in Africa. I wish: companies from Romania, together with companies from Turkey, complementary to each other, let’s go to Africa, because we no longer have European legislation, and let’s work together, because there is a lot of work. I was on a visit to Nigeria and the Romanian companies are waiting for us together with the companies from Turkey, let’s go work there, because they have a lot of work,” Sterian said.

He emphasized, on the other hand, that also in Romania, the pace of investment implementation is unprecedented, on all types of infrastructure.

“The gas transport infrastructure, which is the most advanced, is working like hell on the road infrastructure, on the railway infrastructure and I am proud to be Romanian. The companies in Turkey are working well, very well, an example being Kalyon, which we want to have partner in our external economic expansion in other areas of the Globe,” the Transgaz director pointed out, quoted by Agerpres.

The “Black Sea-Podisor Natural Gas Pipeline” project is included in the SNT Development Plan for the next 10 years, it is included in the list of projects of common interest of the EU and was submitted for financing through the Modernization Fund, obtaining a financing of 85 million euros. The funding gap will be covered by a financial mix.

The project, worth approximately 500 million euros, consists in the construction of a 308.3 km long natural gas transport pipeline, which will connect the natural gas resources exploited in the Neptun Deep perimeter and the BRUA corridor, thus ensuring the possibility natural gas transport through the existing interconnections.

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