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Solar Open Day starts with the inauguration of the largest solar park in Southeast Europe

1 November 2023

The Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA) organized the first edition of Solar Open Day, an event dedicated to solar energy and promoting the adoption of sustainable sources and means of energy production. The event was organized in Rătești commune, in Argeș county, where, on this occasion, the largest photovoltaic park in South-Eastern Europe, which is to be connected in the next period, was inaugurated.

“We dedicated a special day to bring solar energy to the fore and to raise awareness of the need to identify and adopt sustainable sources and means of energy production. Clean energy is no longer just a trend, it is the only way we can limit the effects of global warming. Solar Open Day will be organized annually and I hope it will become an emblematic event for Romania. We are therefore making our debut in this key, with the inauguration of the largest photovoltaic park not only in Romania, but in Southeast Europe. It is an important moment for the renewables sector, in particular, but also for the Romanian economy, because it is a major project and an important investment,” said Andrei Manea, RPIA executive director.

Marius Antonie Negru, Secretary of State within the Ministry of Energy participated in the Solar Open Day and was present at the inauguration of the photovoltaic park in Rătești, together with other officials, diplomats, representatives of the business environment and specialists in the field. RPIA also invited to Rătești students interested in the field of energy, who should be prepared to take on responsibilities immediately after finishing their studies, given that the photovoltaic field needs specialized workforce.

“I thank RPIA and the companies Econergy and Nofar Energy for the investment and the efforts made to make this project a reality. Today we celebrate an important moment for our country’s renewable energy sector. The benefits of this inauguration are numerous and have a significant impact. It is a source of renewable energy that will contribute to combating the effects of climate warming and, at the same time, the project creates jobs in the region,” added Marius Antonie Negru, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Energy.

The Rătești park is the joint project of the Israeli companies Econergy Renewable Energy and Nofar Energy and represents the largest investment in renewable photovoltaic energy in Romania, worth 102 million euros. With an area of 170 hectares, the Rătești park has a total installed capacity of 155 MW and will produce approximately 220 GWh of electricity annually.

This photovoltaic park can supply more than 100,000 households with clean energy, which means the elimination of 168,000 tons of CO2, thus contributing to Romania’s decarbonization objective, to ensure more than 30% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

Currently, the Rătești park is in the testing phase and will be put into operation in the next period.

“Today is truly a solar day for us. Here, in the largest photovoltaic park in Romania, we see how the renewable energy sector is developing rapidly in Romania. The Rătești park is the first photovoltaic park of Econergy to be connected in Romania and is part of a portfolio of 2.3GW of capacity under development, of which 410MW is under construction across the country, ensuring independence

energy and decarbonisation of the energy sector. The Romanian market is a key market in South-East Europe, which is striving to meet the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets assumed for 2030. Our team is proud to host the RPIA event and contribute to the promotion of the Association’s activities, wishing let’s continue the common productive actions,” emphasized Bogdan Asanache, Econergy Romania Country Manager.

“Today we have the honor to inaugurate, during Solar Open Day, the largest photovoltaic park in Romania and in South-Eastern Europe – the Rătești project, an exceptional achievement for us and a historic moment in energy development in Romania. The Rătești project marks an important step in the direction of clean and sustainable energy and makes an important contribution to achieving Romania’s decarbonization targets by 2030. We consider Romania as one of the key growth markets, the target being the achievement of 1GW of solar energy by 2025,” also stated Favi Stelian, Managing Partner of Nofar Energy.

By scope and capacity, the Rătești photovoltaic park represents, along with the other projects in the photovoltaic sector, a strategic component for Romania’s effort to strengthen its energy independence and security, thus contributing to regional and European stability.

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