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Schneider Electric: EcoStruxure IT has now model based, automated sustainability metric reporting

6 March 2024

Schneider Electric, leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the introduction of new model based, automated sustainability reporting features within its award-winning EcoStruxure IT data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software. The release follows three years of strategic investment, and rigorous testing and development as part of Schneider Electric’s Green IT Program, led by Schneider Electric’s Chief Information Officer Elizabeth Hackenson.

Available to all EcoStruxure IT users starting in April, the new and enhanced reporting features combine 20 years of sustainability, regulatory, data centre and software development expertise with advanced machine learning. Customers will have access to a new set of reporting capabilities, which traditionally had required a deep understanding of manual data calculation methods.

Unlike anything available in the market, the new model offers customers a fast, intuitive, and simple-to-use reporting engine to help meet imminent regulatory requirements, including the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). In fact, the new capabilities go far-beyond the EED-required metrics, ensuring customers can measure their data centres’ real-time and historical energy performance data against all of the advanced reporting metrics specified within Schneider Electric’s White Paper 67.

EcoStruxure IT software enables owners and operators to measure and report data centre performance based on historical data and trends analysis, combining it with artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time monitoring to turn it into actionable insights for improved sustainability. With the new download function, organizations can quickly quantify and report, at the click of a button – removing laborious manual tasks and making it faster and easier to harness the power of data to reduce the environmental impact of their data centres.

“At Schneider Electric, we recognize that sustainability is a journey, and for the last three years, we’ve increased our investment to develop new software features that make it faster and simpler for our customers to operate resilient, secure and sustainable IT infrastructure,” said Kevin Brown, Senior Vice President, EcoStruxure IT, Schneider Electric. “The new reporting capabilities included with EcoStruxure IT have been tested and adopted by our own organization, and will allow customers to turn complex data into meaningful information, and report on key sustainability metrics.”

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