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Romgaz wants to buy green parks with capacities of 35-100 MW

14 March 2024

Romgaz wants to buy photovoltaic and wind farms with production capacities between 35 MW and 100 MW, according to a call for projects published on the company’s website.

“SNGN Romgaz SA, in order to complete the portfolio of green energy production from renewable resources, intends to acquire photovoltaic parks and/or wind parks, under the following conditions: the production capacity must be between 35 MW and 100 MW, it must be in the “ready to build”, to have developed the Feasibility Study in accordance with DECISION no. 907 of November 29, 2016 regarding the elaboration stages and framework content of the technical-economic documentation related to the investment objectives/projects financed from public funds. For the projects (offers) submitted, proof of ownership of the right to use the land for the entire period of operation of the parks and proof of possession of a valid ATR will be mandatory,” according to the appeal cited by Financialintelligence.

It is an advantage if the project is eligible for accessing non-reimbursable European funds (the Feasibility Study and Cost-Benefit Analysis must be drawn up in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Applicant’s Guide for accessing non-reimbursable European funds), according to the company.

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