Romania should nominate a candidate for the board of directors of Eurelectric


Bogdan Tudorache

Romania should nominate a candidate for the board of directors of Eurelectric, which will hold elections soon, says former Energy Minister, Răzvan Nicolescu.

“Elections are soon to complete the Eurelectric board, the European association of the electricity industry. It is Romania’s turn to have a place there, because after the late Stelian Gal, there was no one left. The context is perfect… Someone in the industry (CEO or CFO) to formally submit their application and have our fees paid on time. It would be good to have someone from a state company,” Nicolescu wrote on his social networking page.

“The presence in this board, in a position of vice president, would help to better understand the digitalization process, including that we need to install more digital meters so that Romanians no longer pay erroneously estimated bills. It would also help to understand the fantastic opportunities offered by the energy transition and also the fact that nothing is more important than a respectful treatment for consumers, without which the sector cannot exist,” he claims.

“A more active presence of the state energy industry in Brussels will help us understand the rules of unbundling, which are often violated by our state-owned companies, in their letter and spirit, although they are in force for almost 10 years,” the former minister also said.


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