Ridgid Innovation Roadshow was in Bucharest, on March 20 it will reach Arad


Emerson Ridge Tools exhibited in Bucharest, in a special edition of Energy Breakfast Club, the newest tools and equipment available for the energy industry. The Ridgid Innovation truck continues its route through Europe with a last stop in Romania, on March 20 in Arad.

Wednesday, March 18, from 9 am, Energy Breakfast Club moved for a day at the showroom of Rocast from Soseaua Pantelimon, where the Ridgid truck was parked. In a totally unconventional space, about 20 people attended the presentation and had the opportunity to test some of the latest equipment from Ridgid.

Dr. Ing. Gheorghe Radu, President of SIPG – The Society of Petroleum and Gas Engineers, opened the day with a presentation on the role of quality tools and equipments for the oil and gas operations’ success. Throughout an almost 50 years career in the field, Gheorghe Radu has experienced all the transformations brought in by new technologies, and also directly contributed to the development of the sector from decision-making positions he held in Transgaz and Romgaz – his last position occupied was Director of Business Development department of Romgaz. Meanwhile, Gheorghe Radu has been working continuously to achieve innovations and other performance optimization solutions for the equipment used in the oil and gas industry.

Gheorghe Radu accompanied the rich amount of information and technical explanations with savory recollections of concrete situations he faced both as field engineer with responsibilities and decision-making positions that he had in Transgaz and Romgaz – last employed position, Director of Business Development Department Romgaz. Finally, Gheorghe Radu briefly presented his own solution, patented, for optimizing the performance of the equipment used in the oil and gas industry – foam breaking equipment inside the surface installations.

Download presentation – Gheorghe Radu.


Camil Aliman, regional manager for Romania and Hungary Emerson Ridge Tools, talked about the Emerson development and production facility in Cluj, about their new products, eg with manual hydraulic crimping electrical terminals.

He will also present the equipment electro RE-60, whith details about its uses and how it improves work safety and shorten execution times.

Designed, developed and manufactured at Ridge Tool Romania in the Emerson campus from Cluj – Napoca, this is the easiest jaw device type “C” in the world, with a mass of 5.3 kg and a length of 557 millimeters. As specific features, the device allows a fast progress until the terminal crimping and automatic withdrawal of the piston it is reached when the operation is completed.


A special place was occupied by the RE-60 electro equipment and the tubing tongs that extract the interior of the drill in mining, exploration and surveys used in mining, geological, soundings in order to determine the composition of the soil, water wells and construction.

These were just some of the tools and equipment from the trucks that currently are conducting the tour of the RIDGID Innovation Roadshow 2015, to present the latest innovations, tools and equipment by RIDGID. Two trucks of 20 tons and 20 meters long, with a floor area of 110 square meters, visit 26 countries in Europe and the Middle East. The tour began in Europe in Bulgaria, on March 13 and will end in Turkey in November. The last stop in Romania will take place on Friday March 20 at Arad.

Download presentation – Camil Aliman.

The event was organised by energynomics.ro with the support of our partners: SGS România, Emerson – Ridgid Tool Division, ATE3.

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