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REI: Over 3,000 MW of solar energy projects will be installed in Romania in the next two years

14 March 2023

More than 3,000 MW of solar energy projects will be installed in Romania by the end of 2025, according to a REI forecast, a group of companies specialised in attracting European funds and state aid, with significant projects submitted in the last year on schemes dedicated to increasing energy efficiency.

More than 500 MW could enter the market in the next few years, representing strictly projects submitted by the REI team during 2022, in two funding sessions – Component 6 of the NRRP (Ministry of Energy) – call opened last spring – and a final allocation on the Energy Schemes of the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (POIM) – calls opened last autumn and managed by the Ministry for Investment and European Projects (MIEP).

Over 700 companies applied to the funding scheme opened last year by the Ministry of Energy, with allocation from the NRRP. Out of the total, more than 500 applicants have entered the final stage of funding, after obtaining the required score and meeting all the necessary conditions.

“At the beginning of March 2022, the Ministry of Energy launched the call under Component 6 – NRRP, which aimed to provide non-reimbursable support for companies that want to increase their energy efficiency by installing renewable solutions, whether from solar, wind, biomass, hydro or other sources. Due to very high demand, the session was extended three times, so the call closed at the end of June. Although almost six months later than the timetable set by the Ministry of Energy, beneficiaries are expected to find out the winning projects in the coming period. We are pleased that more than 70 projects brokered by us will be financed, according to the provisional list published by the Ministry of Energy,” said Roxana Mircea, Managing Partner, REI Grup.

POIM: One in five green energy projects for public authorities was brokered by REI

Last autumn, the Ministry of Investment and European Projects (MIEP) launched a final budget allocation for non-reimbursable support under the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (LIOP or POIM) from the old 2014-2020 exercise, aimed at both companies and public authorities that wanted to increase energy efficiency by installing photovoltaic panels or other green energy solutions.

Of the total 268 projects submitted by public authorities – local authorities, county councils, local councils – more than 20% were brokered by the REI team, in one of the easiest funding programmes of 2022, which required much simplified documentation and an energy analysis replacing feasibility studies, decisions that created a much more efficient way of working.

“We have successfully submitted 57 projects to attract grant support to our clients. One out of five projects was practically submitted by the REI team on a session that we worked very efficiently on. We are proud to have achieved a result above expectations and we are looking forward to the final list of beneficiaries of this session. We expect the final results during March, while projects should be finalised by 31.12.2023 at the latest”, Roxana Mircea added.

The REI Grup team submitted more than 40 projects for the company dedicated sessions.

“On both C6 – NRRP and LIOP 11.1 we have applied, for the most part, for customers whose energy bills have increased at an alarming rate over the last year, especially with the outbreak of war in Ukraine. We are talking about companies in the fields of building materials production, packaging production or hotels (accommodation facilities),” Roxana Mircea also said.

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