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Răzvan Nicolescu: PNRR should finance the production of batteries and electrolyzers

26 March 2021

PNRR should finance the national production of batteries and electrolyzers, says Răzvan Nicolescu, President of the Association for Clean Energy and Combating Climate Change.
“Regarding hydrogen production electrolyzers and batteries for electricity storage, we consider it a priority for both the European Union and our country to develop national production capacities that can be achieved only by involving the private sector, using the existing administrative tool of the state aid schemes. This instrument will also ensure the attraction of its own financing sources and will ensure the integrity and transparency of the money allocation on competitive criteria related to the co-financing percentage,” says Nicolescu.

Thus, PNRR should also finance the development of at least one electricity production project in offshore wind farms on the Black Sea, taking into account the importance that the European Union attaches to this type of renewable energy, the country potential and the fact that this type of energy still needs a subsidy.

“We consider that the priority project for the decarbonization of the electricity production sector is the strengthening of Transelectrica’s high voltage lines in order to integrate more clean energy, as well as the transparency of the existing interconnection capacity. Unfortunately, in the current form of PNRR, Romania did not provide any amount of money for the Transelectrica lines.”
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