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PSD will propose a new head of ANRE at the end of the month

23 August 2022
General Interest

The social democrats will make a proposal for the head of the National Regulatory Authority in the field of Energy, which will be approved in the leadership forums at the end of August, PSD president Marcel Ciolacu announced on Monday, according to

The ANRE president’s mandate expires in October.

“At the end of August, when we have both a National Political Council and meetings with the parliamentary groups, I am firmly convinced that we will come up with a proposal from PSD for the president of ANRE,” stated Ciolacu, at PSD headquarters.

Asked if the proposal will be different from Dumitru Chiriţă, the PSD leader said that this will be discussed: “I will discuss this with my colleagues and then I will communicate it to you.”

According to Ciolacu, “what is most important is that energy will not become more expensive for the population”.

Recently, information appeared in the market that PSD would support Răzvan Nicolescu, former Minister of Energy, in this position. Nicolescu said, however, that he is not interested in this position.

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