Gehrig Schultz

Gehrig Schultz


Oil and Gas


Gehrig Schultz is Founding Partner and General Manager at Surus Geophysical NBV.



Professional History

Gehrig Schultz holds a B.Sc in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Gehrig started his career in the geophysical industry in 1987 working on near surface geophysics projects in environmental remidiation, mining and nuclear waste storage. He joined a seismic crew exploring for hydrocarbons deep in Brazil's Amazon Basin in 1989. Gehrig progressed through operational and managerial positions in Latin America and West Africa for Western Geophysical and Grant Geophysical. Before joining Prospectiuni, Gehrig was Vice President of Land Operations for the Eastern Hemisphere for PGS. He has a wealth of international experience having lived and worked extensively through Latin America, West Africa, North Africa and Europe.
In Romania he was CEO and Chairman of the Board of Prospectiuni SA since 2008 until July 2015.