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PPC: Rețele Electrice acquire cables and conductors worth about 190 mln. lei

17 May 2024

The three Rețele Electrice companies initiated a public tender on the SEAP platform, with a maximum cumulative value of around 190 million lei (without VAT) for the purchase of medium and low voltage electrical cables, as well as conductors, so that they can carry out their network modernization and maintenance projects, with the aim of transforming the network into one more resilient and reliable. One of the criteria for evaluating offers is the sustainability factor.

“Through this tender for the purchase of low and medium voltage cables as well as conductors, we aim to strengthen the resilience of our electricity network, to better face the challenges generated by climate change. Investments in the modernization of the network are not only a priority, but also a manifestation of our commitment to the communities we are a part of. Our main concern is to support these communities, ensuring their access to a reliable and sustainable source of electricity, essential for their continued prosperity and development”, said Mihai Pește, General Manager Rețele Electrice.

Thus, Rețele Electrice Muntenia, Rețele Electrice Dobrogea and Rețele Electrice Banat purchase together a minimum of 3.5 million conductors and up to 7.4 million conductors, low-voltage cables, of several types, with a total length of at least 1,500 km and a total length of maximum of over 3022 km and medium voltage cables with a total length of at least 498 km and reaching a maximum of 996 linear km. These materials will be used to modernize the electrical network infrastructure, in order to increase its reliability.

To give a perspective on these quantities of materials to be purchased, the minimum length of low-voltage cables is similar to the length of the Danube River, from its sources to the entrance to Romania, and the maximum total length of low-voltage cables to be purchased is equivalent to approximately 28,781 football field lengths. As for the medium voltage cables, the minimum length is similar to the distance of a cycling race from Bucharest to Timișoara, while the maximum amount that could be purchased can be compared to 5 times the length of the A2 highway between Bucharest and Constanța.

One of the selection criteria, from the specifications, is the sustainability factor, underlining once again the company’s commitment to protect the environment. Thus, bidders who can bring the materials in environmentally friendly packaging can receive extra points, based on the evaluation grid.

The contract will have a validity period of 3 years. Offers can be submitted until 18.06.2024.




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