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PPC: EBITDA target of 2.3 bln. euro for 2026, investments of 9 bln. euro in three years

23 January 2024
General Interest

The PPC Group presented its strategic plan for the period 2024-2026 in London. The plan is based on robust financial growth, profitable investments in Greece and Group countries, capitalizing on the opportunities of the green transition, a customer-centric approach, technology and partnerships.

For the period 2024-2026, PPC Group aims to increase installed capacity at an annual rate of 18%, while reconfirming its intention to phase out all coal-fired units by 2026. PPC is also considering increasing installed capacity from sources renewables to over two-thirds of the total installed capacity in 2026, compared to 43% currently, simultaneously with investments in energy storage. Through these investments, the PPC Group aims to reach a level of 8.9 GW of production capacity from renewable sources by 2026.

Thus, the PPC will invest a total of around 9 billion euros over the next three years, mainly in renewable energy sources, network modernization and new activities, up 130% compared to the 2021-2023 period, with the projects to be mainly financed through the Group’s operating cash flows and to a lesser extent from loans, of which 80% have already been committed.

PPc is also considering expansion in South-Eastern Europe, capitalizing on the opportunities to create value through the links between countries, within the energy corridor created by the Group, entering new relevant markets, such as fiber optic networks and the further development of the new activities that have already been initiated, such as the field of electric mobility, as well as the commitment to sustainable growth by reducing CO2 emissions by 74% [from the categories Scope 1, 2, 3 (cat. 3)] as well as by reducing Scope 3 emissions by 42% in 2030 (compared to the reference year 2021), as well as reaching the Net Zero target by 2040.

“The new PPC Group we are building is international, robust, customer-centric and modern to create value in a sustainable way for all stakeholders. The period 2024-2026 will be one of investments of 9 billion euros, creating value for the Group and added value for customers, shareholders, employees and the environment in all the countries we operate in. With our new business plan, the PPC Group is strategically positioned in the field of green transition. The green infrastructure and tools we create will allow our customers to reap the benefits the future of clean energy and its possibilities in the new era of electrification. We continuously aim to be the first choice of our customers, not because of their habit, but for the quality of being the most modern, environmentally friendly and customer-friendly company in the entire region. We are the the most important clean energy company in Southeast Europe, with a leading role in a very competitive international energy environment. We are building on the success of recent years and the company’s renaissance. We aim to grow responsibly and prudently financially to ensure that PPC Group will effectively fulfill its essential role in all the countries in which it operates,” said PPC Group Chairman and CEO Georgios Stassis.

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