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Power plants and households will consume only domestic gas

23 March 2016

Gas from domestic production will fully cover all household consumption and heat power plants that act as suppliers for domestic consumers between 1st of April 2016 – 31st of March 2017,claims ANRE.

The authority limits the extraction of gas from storages at 40% of the total monthly consumption. At the same time, ANRE is establishing these estimation on the assumption that, at the end of October, the minimum gas deposits for the two categories of consumers has to be composed entirely of domestic production.

The consumption of such users is estimated for the mentioned period at 42.3 million MWh, of which 34.8 million MWh in the winter months and 7.5 million MWh in the summer, according to a document issued by the regulator.

“The percentage of imported natural gas in the CPET consumption (domestic customers and producers of heat for heating the population – n.r.) between April 1st, 2016 – March 31st, 2017 (is – n.r.) considered at 0%”, shows the estimation made by ANRE.

Last year, Romania has consumed 121,1 million MWh of natural gas, 4.5% less than the consumption recorded in 2014, says ANRE.

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