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On gas boilers market, over a third of purchases are replacements (Ariston Thermo study)

9 August 2016

A lot of families who choose to install a gas boiler for heating make this decision because they want independence and give up the centralized heating system, according to a market survey conducted by Ariston Thermo Romania, the local market leader for thermal and electric boilers. However, the percentage of Romanians who buy a gas boiler to replace an old one is increasing, about a third of the purchases being made in this regard.

“Most frequently, investing in a gas boiler for heating is determined by the desire of buyers to be independent, to have comfort and total control over the monthly expenses,” said Catalin Drăguleanu, Country Manager Ariston Thermo Romania.

Thus, according to a market survey conducted by the company, among the reasons for which Romanians choose to buy a boiler, with a percentage of over 30%, is the need of replacing the old one, whether as a result of the emergence of new and better technologies or in the context of a renovation of the house. Most often, buyers in this category are not at the first acquisition of this kind.

Also, 40% of purchases of gas boilers in the local market are made by families who disconnect from the centralized system and install an individual heating system for the first time. The remaining 30% of purchases are being made by those who move into a new house, or those who only now could opt for a boiler, for various reasons (e.g. lack of gas infrastructure network).

According to the same study, these increase of the share of of replacements in the total sales of boilers shows a maturing of the local market. The same follows on how Romanians choose their individual thermal units.

“If in the past years, the price was first criterion in evaluating a purchase. Now, buyers have also other criteria that they take into account, which shows a maturity and development of this market,” said Catalin Drăguleanu.

Currently, for most buyers, the technical characteristics of the product, along with the brand and after-sale services are the most important criteria. This is because Romanians understood that the boiler is a long life product, and after-sale services, as well as warranty and other services are extremely important.

“The warranty period is important when purchasing a heating system and the purchase behavior of Romanians in recent years suggests that more and more they understand this. We see this concern especially among customers who decide to change their old boiler with a new, more efficient one, “said Catalin Drăguleanu.

It stressed also that the selection criteria when replacing the boiler are different from those at the first installation, with a special focus on service and warranty services.

According to the study, about 60% of people who bought a heating boiler alone have made their choice by themselves , 33% chose to consult with a plumber and only 7% have left the decision on the plumber behalf.

Regarding the purchasing decision, in 57% of cases the advice offered by a specialized company or a plumber is very important, the percentage being higher compared to 2013, when the share was 45%. In terms of information, the clients are also more informed, and the main sources of invormation are the companies’ websites, publications / specialized portals and social media.

When it comes to the source of purchase, 28% of Romanian choose to buy a boiler in a DIY shop, due to the wide range of products exhibited, but also because their locations gives them confidence. Over 50% of purchases are made in specialized shops for heating units, also due to professional counselors, and due to the fact that they provide after-sale services.

In addition, it is worth noting that online purchases are still limited to only 7% since the boiler is a complex equipment, requiring specialized technical advice for being properly sized relative to customer’ requirements.

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