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Nuclearelectrica has joined the HartaEdu project as a strategic partner

11 January 2022

Nuclearelectrica has joined the HartaEdu project, as a strategic partner of the Narada association, to facilitate the access of as many children as possible to modern and well-equipped schools, according to a statement.

Three months after the launch of the HartaEdu project, Narada has raised 1.5 million lei for the endowment and modernization of schools enrolled in the HartaEdu project, an online platform through which educational institutions can introduce alerts and the private sector can mobilize to support them.
More than 550 alerts have been posted on the HartaEdu platform, and the number of children in need of help is over 100,000.

In three months, more than 90 alerts were resolved, with over 1.5 million lei raised, with a number of approximately 10,000 children impacted by the resolution of these alerts.

Given that education in Romania receives the lowest budget of the last 30 years, but especially considering that in many communities in the country it is taught in extremely difficult conditions, as 30 years ago, Narada invites the private sector, through to contribute to offering all children equal rights to education.

HartaEdu is a plan B for schools in vulnerable communities, providing them with the platform through which they can announce their urgent needs and giving the local and national business environment the opportunity to intervene with solutions for quick resolution. Regardless of the urgency of a school, be it infrastructure or technology, equipment, service, it can be registered in the platform.

The support provided by Nuclearelectrica will increase the intervention capacity of the Narada organization through HartaEdu, thus creating the possibility to address more school alerts.

“We are pleased to be Narada’s partners in this extremely useful program for schools in Romania. Investing in education is one of our priorities and we want to contribute as much as possible to the growth and development of tomorrow’s generations. We at Nuclearelectrica believe that people are our most valuable resource, and performance should be encouraged and supported from the earliest years of school. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s specialists and it is our duty to ensure that they benefit from the best study conditions and as many opportunities for growth and development as possible,” said Cosmin Ghita, general manager of Nuclearelectrica.


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