Nicolescu: There are still some problems, including the advantage that ANRE illegally gives to universal service providers


Bogdan Tudorache

Although ANRE issued the “best version” of order for the switching to competitive regime, at six months, of the electricity consumers that remained captive in the system of last resort, some big unresolved problems remain, among which the advantage that ANRE grants illegally to universal service providers, says Răzvan Nicolescu, former Minister of Energy.

“The problems of household electricity consumers remain, unfortunately, unresolved, although the order issued today by ANRE is the best version seen so far,” says Nicolescu, on his social networking page.

Thus, there are three major problems after the adoption of this order:

  1. “The lack of consumer information corroborated with ANRE’s indifference to this issue. You can’t expect current providers to teach people how to give them up. It’s an utopia. It will not happen and liberalization is exactly about this: to know how to change the suppliers you do not like;
  2. The advantage which the authority illegally grants to universal service providers given that most of their best competitive offers burn consumers in their pockets and are lower than those offered, for example by the state-owned company Hidroelectrica, and
  3. The confusion created by entering a form, of irrelevant data and a commercial offer that does not have a reference date in the order. All these are presented to be for consumers, but they confuse them more than they help them,” claims the former minister.

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