Nicolescu: The new government program does not bring anything notable in the energy field


Bogdan Tudorache

The new governing program proposed by the ruling coalition, practically copied from the old programs and strategies, gets its first reactions in the market.

“There is not much notable about the Energy Governance program. The energy chapter seems to me lacking in courage, being more of a series of eternal projects of some state companies, together with the always made and violated promise that they will be depoliticized and reprofessionalized,” claims, in a post on his personal page, the former Minister of Energy, Răzvan Nicolescu.

Instead, Nicolescu remarks, there is “a premiere in parliamentary activity: the chairmen of the energy commissions in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies will be from UDMR”.

In addition, the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu (PNL), will be assisted by three state secretaries, one from each party member of the coalition. ANRE will probably remain under the leadership of PSD and ANRM will have a liberal in the leadership,” says Nicolescu.

“Let’s hope that they will contribute to an intelligent transition to a clean energy sector, although there will be no coherence between energy and climate change, which will remain with the Ministry of Environment, a ministry led by a representative of UDMR.”


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