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Nicolescu: Consumers will bear the costs of free gas connection

13 October 2020

The costs that will be exempted for those who will connect to the gas network will actually be borne by all consumers in the final bills, and in some cases it will count up to millions of euros, told on Tuesday Agerpres, Răzvan Nicolescu, former Minister of Energy and expert in the field.

He harshly criticized the authorities’ intention for the connection of new customers to the gas networks to be borne by the distribution operators and pointed out that, in fact, it will also be the consumers who will pay those costs.

“I’m starting to get tired of so much nonsense and imposture. First of all, nothing is free. All the other consumers will bear the costs. If someone is on top of the mountain and wants to connect, there will be costs of millions of euro,” said Nicolescu.

In his opinion, the heating from electricity from non-polluting sources is optimal, and the expansion of the gas networks will mean, in fact, the deepening of the dependence on Russia.

“Why don’t we switch to electric heating, heat pumps and renewable energy? Why do we build more nuclear power plants if we don’t heat electrically? Natural gas is a polluting fuel. We don’t have long-term gas and we will throw Romania’s population directly into Russian arms. Those who lead us must understand that we are in another age and that the energy transition will happen to us, from spectators’ position. It is a pity for an area where we were first and where we could have a say,” added Răzvan Nicolescu.

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