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MOL Romania finances 51 environmental projects under the 14th edition of the Green Space Program

22 April 2019

MOL Romania and the Partnership Foundation will financially support the implementation of 51 environmental projects within the 14th edition of the Green Spaces Program. The amount earmarked for funding reached almost 700,000 lei within this edition.

The jury selected 30 projects to be funded under the Urban Green Component. The activities included in this component – including green space redevelopment in schools, kindergartens, children’s centers and public parks – will be held in 14 counties. These actions involve the planting of over 1,800 trees and shrubs and around 5,600 flowers on an area of 63,347 square meters of urban space. The spaces thus transformed will become ideal places for carrying out environmental education activities, aiming for students to understand the importance of protecting the environment.

Also, within this component of the program will be funded the programs organized on the occasion of the European Mobility Week in two cities in the country. Thus, 3 actions involving cycling will be organized in order to promote the use of this alternative means of transport and 24 other activities related to healthy lifestyle.

Under the second component of the Greening Program, „Protected Natural Areas”, 21 other projects will receive funding from MOL Romania. As in the previous editions of the program, this year’s funded activities will include the organization of Junior Ranger camps, the planning of theme trails, the organization of events such as „National Park Day”, „Biodiversity Day”, exhibitions and extra-curricular activities green. The projects in the „Protected Natural Areas” component will be carried out in 13 counties of the country.

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