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MOL Romania, close to a turnover of 1 bln. euros and increasing profit

5 May 2014

MOL Romania, a member company of MOL Group, recorded in 2013 a turnover of approximately 979 million euros, up 5.1% compared to the registered businesses in 2012. Profits jumped over 20 million euros, more than in 2012, when it was 17 million euros.

According to the company, a sale increase by 7% of total sales led to the increased turnover from 931 million euros to current values. “The main reason for the increase is the increase in sales of annual volumes sold. Total retail sales of MOL Romania in 2013 in volume (including fuel, LPG and lubricants) increased by 7% to 503,000 tonnes, compared to 469,000 tonnes in 2012”, shows the fuel distributor.

Diesel sales were about 365,000 tons, up 8% compared to 2012, while gasoline sales were 133,000 tons, higher by 6%. They are above the market average in recent years, notes the company management. MOL Romania has expanded its network last year by 12 stations, and now it has 147 stations.

“[…] We will continue to invest in downstream operations including supply chain development”, says the company, which has allocated more than 10 million euros for investment this year. Company shows that during 1996-2013 has invested over 400 million dollars in Romania.


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