Mintia trade unionists threaten to stop the activity on August 18


The employees of the Mintia Thermal Power Plant are threatening to stop working since next week, on August 18, on the grounds that they have not been granted the remaining salary rights for five months, says the leader of the Hunedoara Solidarity Union, Cristian Istoc. Moreover, they request the elaboration of a program for the closure of the thermal power plant, with the provision of social protection measures. The union leader also states that the coal stock is again at zero, according to the local publication Servus Hunedoara.

“We draw attention to the decision taken by employees following the spontaneous protest that took place on 29.07.2020, sent by the trade unions to the Government, MEEMA, the Institution of the Prefect, the management of S. CEH S.A. by address no. 124 / 29.07.2020 (respectively no. 39 / 29.07.2020), in which the intention of the employees to stop working on 18.08.2020 is communicated, and the request for drawing up a program for closing the Mintia Thermal Power Plant with the provision of social protection measures. This ultimatum was given in the absence of a Program for the reorganization, restructuring of S. CEH S.A., in the absence of governmental transparency towards the employees of the thermal power plant and their representatives regarding the safety of jobs.

We note that to date, government officials, MEEMA or S. CEH S.A. they did not come with an answer to the employees’ demands, reason that can lead to the shutdown of the Mintia Thermal Power Plant on 18.08.2020. The Hunedoara Solidarity Union within the Mintia Thermal Power Plant does not assume the responsibility of triggering a collective labor conflict, therefore we request the intervention of the competent state bodies to avoid the cessation of the plant’s activity,” reads a release sent by the Hunedoara Solidarity Union leader, Cristian Istoc.


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