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Ministry of Energy invests 450 mln. lei through the Electric Up Program

29 April 2024

The Ministry of Energy announced that it will invest 450 million lei through the Electric Up Program – the second stage, intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and Romanian legal entities that carry out activities in the field of hotels, restaurants and catering (Horeca).

“For the new edition, the amount of non-refundable financing increases from 100 thousand euros to 150 thousand euros, and the installed power for financed photovoltaic panels increases to 150 kW, the development of recharging stations for electric cars is financed, storage is encouraged and introduced as a novelty the financing of alternative heating-cooling systems,” according to a press release of the Ministry.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent the pillars of the Romanian economy, benefit from a considerable boost in the direction of sustainability and energy efficiency through the Electric Up 2 Program. By allocating 450 million lei for the second edition of the program, a significant evolution is marked in supporting the sustainable energy sector. Considering the major interest that the first edition of the ElectricUp program aroused among the business environment, we aim to raise this program to a higher level,” said Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy.

At this stage, the Program is addressed to Small and Medium Enterprises and economic operators active in the Horeca field, which can benefit from the financing of an investment project for the installation of photovoltaic panel systems for the production of electricity with an installed power between 27 kWp and 150 kWp required for self-consumption, recharging stations of at least 22 kW for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and an alternative heating/cooling system.

The de minimis aid granted can reach the maximum value of 150,000 euros/beneficiary, and represents a financial support of up to 75% of the value of eligible expenses, the remaining 25% representing co-financing from the beneficiary’s own sources.

The investment project subject to the funding request must contain a system of photovoltaic panels with an installed power of a minimum of 27 kWp and a maximum of 150 kWp necessary to ensure own consumption and the other installed equipment, respectively a recharging station of at least 22 kW for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electrics and an alternative heating/cooling system, and the amounts settled will be directly proportional to the installed power.



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