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Minister of Economy: Dacia and Ford plants will resume their activity on May 4

27 April 2020
General Interest

The production of cars from Dacia and Ford will resume on May 4, the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, Virgil Popescu, announced on Thursday, in an intervention at Digi 24. “As far as I know, both Dacia and Ford will restart car production on May 4,” the minister said.

The Renault Romania Group announced on Tuesday that the production activities at the Dacia Plants in Mioveni have been partially resumed, starting with April 21, on a voluntary basis, and that, from May 4, the activities within the Mechanical Plant and Chassis will be resumed, respectively to the Vehicle Plant, in the Pressing Department, announced the Renault Romania Group.

The company specified that, since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, generated by the new COVID -19 virus, it has ensured to take adapted protection measures for all employees from all locations where it operates, according to Agerpres.

The carmaker announced the interruption of production at the Mioveni plants from March 17 to April 5, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. On April 2, the company mentioned that it was extending the period of interruption of production at the Dacia plants in Mioveni, “in agreement with the social partners” and “in the context of the spread of COVID-19 virus globally and the evolution of the health crisis.”

On the other hand, the employees of the Ford factory in Craiova have been technically unemployed since March 19, 2020, until April 30, and during this period they will benefit of 78% of the base salary.

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