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Half of the new cars registered in Romania, in 2023, were electric or plug-in

7 January 2024
General Interest

More than 1.1 million cars were registered in Romania in 2023, up 3% compared to the previous year, half of all new cars being electrified, according to a specialized analysis.

According to data, last year, new car registrations increased by 10% compared to 2022, although approximately 20,000 less than in the year before the pandemic.

In this context, one out of nine new cars, registered in 2023, was electric, and half of the new fleet was electric or hybrid. At the same time, re-registrations (second-hand cars traded on the domestic market) are up by 7% compared to the previous year, exceeding the number of 2019 by almost 40,000 units.

The analysis reveals that 2023 is the third consecutive year when the number of second-hand cars traded domestically exceeded 600,000 units. In this segment, used imported cars are constantly decreasing in the last five years, the number of registrations this year being 32% lower than four years ago.

The value of cars put up for sale on, during the previous year, is 7% higher than in 2022, with a value of over 4.3 billion euros. In 2023, the average price of cars posted for sale on the specialized platform was 18,900 euros, only 5% above the value recorded the previous year, respectively 52% compared to 2019.

According to the cited source, the share of electric cars on doubled in 2023, and hybrid cars increased by 67% compared to the previous year. Among the most preferred brands and models of eco cars, in the dealers’ offers on the platform, there is Toyota, with the brands CH-R, Rav-4, Auris, Corola; Mercedes-Benz, E class and GLC; Dacia Spring, BMW Series 5 or Ford Kuga. Dacia Spring enters directly into the Top 5 eco cars offered by dealers, although last year it was not even among the top ten models of green cars sold by dealers on, according to Agerpres.

DRPCIV data show that the volume of new cars registered in Romania was 142,488 in 2023, up 10% compared to the previous year.

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