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Gasoline down .58 lei from June, diesel by .56

17 August 2022

Fuel prices charged by the large gas station chains decreased compared to the end of June by 58 bani/liter (0.58 lei) on average for standard gasoline and by 56 bani/liter for standard diesel, according to data centralized by the Competition Council.

Thus, at Gazprom, MOL, OMV and Rompetrol, the price of a liter of gasoline decreased from 8.69 lei on June 30 to 8.12 lei on August 12, at Lukoil from 8.62 lei to 8.04, at Petrom from 8.62 lei to 8.05 and at Socar from 8.63 lei to 8.08 lei.

In the case of diesel, the decrease was, at Gazprom and OMV from 9.26 lei/liter to 8.71 lei, at Lukoil from 9.19 lei to 8.66 lei, at MOL and Rompetrol from 9.25 lei to 8.71 lei, at Petrom from 9.19 to 8.64 and at Socar from 9.23 lei to 8.67 lei, according to Agerpres.

“The prices do not include compensation of 50 bani per liter,” the Competition Council points out, noting that these are the average prices for each network, with prices varying from one gas station to another.

Starting from July 1, the Ordinance regarding the reduction of fuel prices by 50 bani came into force, 25 bani being borne by the state budget, and 25 bani representing a commercial discount that, voluntarily, gas station chains apply in the event in which they also want to obtain the reduction of 25 Bani from the state budget.

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