Gabriel Dumitraşcu: The bankruptcy of RADET was declared in spring


The bankruptcy of RADET was declared by the trade union judge in spring, and precisely in order to allow a break to the City Hall to take the legal and organizational measures to ensure the continuity of the heating service, the court admitted the suspension of the effects of the bankruptcy for a period, says Gabriel Dumitraşcu, an expert in energy and former president of RADET.

Thus, it is hard to believe that RADET will go bankrupt, especially since the new Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu, announced that in this case there is a risk that in the absence of organizational measures from the City Hall and the declaration of RADET bankruptcy, there will be no commercial contract with a continuator of the heating activity, on the basis of which ELCEN delivers the thermal energy and receives its countervalue, also said Gabriel Dumitraşcu, quoted by

“RADET does not go bankrupt. The heat supply does not stop. It will not happen as this new minister announced, that on Monday the judge will declare the bankruptcy of RADET,” also declared the mayor of the Capital, Gabriela Firea.


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