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Finland rewards citizens with eco-responsible behavior

31 August 2020

The city of Lahti in Finland offers its residents transport tickets and food as rewards for eco-responsible behavior, to stimulate them to reduce carbon emissions, informs AFP.

The initiative, dubbed ‘CitiCap’ and funded by the European Union, aims to track residents’ carbon emissions while traveling, thanks to an application that detects whether they travel by car, public transport, on foot or by bicycle.

Every week, those who wish receive a “carbon quota” which, if not exceeded at maturity, turns into “virtual euros”, which can be exchanged for pool tickets, bus tickets or, for gourmands, by a cake at a confectionery in the city, according to Agerpres.

“Lahti is still a very car-dependent city, our goal is that by 2030 more than 50% of all journeys will be made via sustainable modes of transport,” explained Anna Huttunen, the person in charge of the project.

Currently, 44% of trips in Lahti are considered “sustainable”.

The long-term goal of the ‘CitiCap’ project is to develop a new way to encourage greener behaviors, in particular by using a system of “personal carbon trading” that can be replicated by other cities.

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