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Regional Approach: Energy goes both ways, Sofia (November 24)

24 Nov 2020 @ 10:00 - 13:00

On Tuesday, November 24, from 10:00, Energynomics invites you to the 4th conference in our Regional Approach series. This ONLINE B2B conference is an excellent opportunity to interact with the strongest leaders among public authorities and the business environment in Romania and in Bulgaria.


Close geography and similar history make Bulgaria and Romania good candidates for strong cooperation. Also, as part of the European Union, they are already on a common pathway, delineated by the same directives, regulations and mandatory targets. In addition, there are plenty of mutual interests to develop and the tools to congregate foreign resources and know-how are quite the same.

Getting in the same place the companies operating in Romania and Bulgaria is an excellent approach to introducing them to new market opportunities! In many cases, Bulgaria and Romanian are working against the same difficulties (old infrastructure, lack of domestic financing, unfinished modernization of the energy markets); that is why solutions that worked in one country might be also the answer to problems in the neighboring one. Welcome to the Regional Approach conference for introducing ourselves to new sets of answers to the day to day challenges our businesses are facing!


Event supported by the Romanian Association of Energy Suppliers and by the Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria

The conference Regional Approach Sofia: Energy goes both ways is organised by Energynomics with the support of our partners: ABB, Kawasaki Gas Turbines Europe.





We will invite experts from the energy sector, mainly representatives of Romania’s most active companies in the automation and IT sector, as well as representatives of professional associations in the field.

Join the conference Regional Approach Sofia: Energy goes both ways for an open discussion on:

  • Interconnection (electricity and natural gas)
  • Energy Security
  • Cogeneration / HVAC
  • Automation and IoT – industry 4.0
  • Financing of energy projects
  • Energy efficiency and consumer production
  • Waste recovery, biogas


  • ONLINE guest speakers will use the Zoom Conferences platform
  • PUBLIC We expect to have over 300 participants registered for free on the event page of the MyConnector platform
  • LANGUAGE English, without translation
  • PRESENTATIONS The speakers had the opportunity to use visual support for presentations (.ppt, .pdf)


Access to the conference Regional Approach Sofia: Energy goes both ways is open to all professionals in the energy industry and related sectors in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, based on the nominal confirmation from energynomics.ro. You are welcomed to write us at office [at] energynomics.ro and ask for an invitation!

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