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Eurowind Energy: The 66 MW Frumușita wind farm gets greenlighted

13 June 2024

The Danish developer and operator of wind, solar and hybrid projects Eurowind Energy announces the obtaining of the construction permit for the Frumușita wind farm in Galați County. The wind farm will integrate a total of 11 wind turbines and supply a total of 62,000 households with green energy, to become operational at the end of 2026.

The company EWE FRUMUțIțA S.R.L., operated by the Danish group Eurowind Energy, received the building permit during May, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 50/1991, authorizing the execution of construction works for the Frumușita wind farm. It will have an installed capacity of 66 MW and is part of Eurowind Energy’s strategy to invest in the development of renewable energy capacities in Romania. With a portfolio of energy projects in various stages of development, totaling a capacity of over 4,000 MW nationwide, Eurowind continues to reconfirm its position as an important player in the field of green energy.

“We are pleased to announce that we have obtained the construction permit for the Frumușita wind farm, an important project for increasing our renewable energy capacity. Part of our portfolio of energy projects under development, the wind farm in Galati County will contribute significantly to our sustainability goals and to reducing carbon emissions. By the end of 2025, the building permits granted to Eurowind Energy projects in Romania will cover 450 MW, thus supporting the reduction of environmental problems at a global level and the development of some local communities. The company’s strategic plan at the local level aims to build classic on-grid projects, prepare storage solutions, hybridization and establish large-scale energy centers,” said Adrian Dobre, Country Manager Romania within Eurowind Energy.

The project also includes a connection contract to the network operated by Distribuție Energie Electrică Romania (DEER), ensuring the efficient integration of the generated energy into the national system. Further, with the actual start of the works, the construction stages will involve a total of 11 wind turbines, access roads, assembly and maintenance platforms, an own electrical transformer station and electrical conductors for the interconnection of the wind turbines and their connection to the transformer station.



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