EU: 100 mln. of smart meters for electricity, 16 mln. for gas


As of 2018, 34% of total electricity metering centers and 14% of gas ones were equipped with a smart meter, totaling about 99 million electric smart meters and 16 million on gas, according to the report of the European Commission for the Comparative Analysis of smart metering in the EU-28, quoted by CNR-CME.

In July 2018, all but one of the Member States performed at least one cost-benefit analysis considering the large-scale expansion of smart electricity meters to at least 80% by 2020, with the results being positive for most them.

Taken separately, the household electricity meters and the SME centers were equipped with such devices, at a rate of 35% and 28% respectively. By 2020, based on the launch originally announced in the first comparative assessment report in 2014 (COM (2014) 356), a penetration rate of smart electricity meters of 72% across the EU was expected to be achieved. At the time of writing this report, more than half of the Member States achieved 10% of the rates for installing smart electricity meters.

At the same time, as of January 2018, 14% of all gas metering centers were equipped with smart meters, which represents more than 16 million smart gas meters.

By 2024, based on the original announcements made by the Member States, the penetration rate could reach 51%, with 60 million smart gas meters installed in 5 years. With a weighted average cost per metering point of gas of EUR 171, this would represent an aggregate investment of EUR 10 billion.


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