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EP adopted the new Renewable Energy Directive, which includes biomass

12 September 2023

The European Parliament adopted, on Tuesday, September 12, the new Renewable Energy Directive, which allows the introduction of wood into the national renewable energy mix, according to MEP Carmen Avram.

It believes that the text of this directive proves that it is possible to fight for the environment without the adoption of extreme measures, which would bring the citizen or any economic sector to its knees.

“I want to welcome the result of the inter-institutional negotiations, mainly because it gives flexibility to the member states in adapting the energy mix to national needs. And, I am referring, in particular, to woody biomass, which, in a country with important resources of this kind, such as Romania, my country – for example – must find its place in a sustainable energy mix, aligned to all Green Deal strategies,” said Carmen Avram.

“Without achieving the balance between the role of wood as a construction material, with a high carbon absorption capacity, and that of wood as a renewable energy resource, the forestry sector could not have reached its maximum potential, and Europe, its objectives. On the other hand, excluding biomass from the national mix would have deepened energy poverty, in the case of some communities that simply have no other way to ensure a decent living. The result of these negotiations shows, therefore, that we can defend the environment and biodiversity in a balanced way, including through measures that also take into account the needs and current realities of all member states, in a Union in search of energy independence,” added Carmen Avram.

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