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9 October 2013

From oil to alternative energy and from energy production to consumer prices, we gather a whole industry in ony one minute. The Energy Minute.
From October 7, on every working day at The Money Channel, powered by

Thus, the Energy News enter the audio-visual medium. From now on, the four most important news of the day receive TV exposure on The Money Channel, the only business television station in Romania.

Every day, after 15.00, The Energy Minute is aired for 5 times inside The Money Channel programmes, providing enhanced visibility for energy companies and experts, as well as for their most important projects. The most influential events, the most innovative ideas and high-impact projects will also be present in The Energy Minute.

The Energy Minute is a bridge-type short audio-video programme, providing information on Romania’s energy industry. It covers the main actors (companies , authorities, associations, professionals) and the most significant events impacting the market and the general public.
The programme provides useful information about the activity of energy companies: investments, new projects, legislative initiatives or civil actions, with administrative or fiscal impact. Meanwhile, it selects the news from the industry: innovative technologies, know-how, management changes, problems faced by the companies.
Its tone is informative, rigorous but understandable for the general public.
The key: Wrap in a summary form the essence of news and useful information for those in the industry, for their partners and the general public.

Energy is one of the areas that can bring the economy back on growth, through the investments we can attract, the scale of the projects in the pipeline, the impact on both industry and households. One minute dedicated to energy may not be enough, but it is mandatory!

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