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ELCEN prepares CETs for the cold season

26 July 2022

ELCEN is in the process of preparing the energy equipment for the next heating season, as ensuring the good operation of CET installations is one of ELCEN’s priority activities, the company announced.

Annually, ELCEN runs a program of maintenance and repairs of energy equipment, established by mutual agreement with Termoenergetica Bucharest since the beginning of the year, which aims to carry out the main works that must be carried out regularly for the efficient operation of the energy infrastructure in the cold season, without major risks and challenges.

Thus, ELCEN creates all the conditions to ensure the supply of the thermal agent to Termoenergetica Bucharest in the quality parameters requested by the daily order, for the benefit of the capital’s inhabitants, during the cold season.

Currently, CET Bucharest Sud is in total shutdown, and CET Grozăvești is in reserve. During the maintenance works, consumers in Bucharest are provided with thermal energy from CET Bucharest Vest and CET Progresu. The two CHPs in operation can easily cover the area mostly served by CHP Bucharest Sud and CHP Grozăvești and deliver heating agent in optimal parameters. From the point of view of ELCEN’s activity, there are no problems in terms of ensuring the necessary heating agent in Bucharest. However, the heating network operated by Termoenergetica does not have the technical capacity to take over the thermal agent from the ELCEN CETs in operation, which leads to a deficient supply in certain areas of Bucharest.

CET Grozăvești, which is in reserve, is also available to deliver thermal energy for supplying consumers at this moment. In summer mode, thermal energy for heating is requested from ELCEN only for the preparation of domestic hot water, not for heat, this automatically implies operation with fewer CETs. The operation of all 4 CHPs would mean that more would be produced than needed for district heating.

The main works at CET Bucharest Sud, which is in total shutdown scheduled until the end of July, are aimed at current repairs of the water and live steam supply circuits related to boilers 2, 3 and 4, isolation fittings for boilers, feed pumps, works that they could not be executed with the plant in operation or in reserve, but which are absolutely necessary for proper operation in the following winter.

Despite the major difficulties caused by the non-payment of the services provided by ELCEN to Termoenergetica and the debts accumulated due to the fact that the Bucharest City Hall did not secure the funds necessary for the timely payment of the subsidy, ELCEN prepares its CETs for the cold season, so that the capital’s residents they can be provided with hot water and heat in the winter of 2022-2023.

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