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Efficient Romania launches the Energy Efficiency Calculator for household energy consumers

29 April 2021

Home energy consumers now have at their disposal the Energy Efficiency Calculator, a new tool on the Romanian market, created within the Efficient Romania program, developed by the Energy Policy Group and sponsored by OMV Petrom, according to a press release.

The new online tool helps home consumers calculate in three simple steps what is the average energy consumption for heating, hot water and cooking, but also to discover the approximate values of the savings they could get in energy bills by rehabilitating the thermal insulation of the house.

The Energy Efficiency Calculator can be used by all household consumers in Romania, regardless of the geographical region in which they live or the type of housing (single-family house or apartment block).

This tool created within the Efficient Romania project is designed to be easy to use and understood by users.

After completing the three simple steps – choosing the location, the description of the home and the type of consumers – the user can view the average values of annual energy consumption, estimated costs and environmental impact of this consumption, respectively the annual amount of carbon dioxide .

At the same time, the household consumer will learn how to distribute heat loss from the home – through walls, windows, floor and roof. If the house is not rehabilitated, the computer also shows what energy savings can be obtained from the thermal rehabilitation of the house, but also how the carbon footprint decreases.

“The Energy Efficiency Calculator was created within the Efficient Romania program as an element of our public awareness campaign on the benefits of energy efficiency. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use online tool through which any user, after providing some basic information about their place of residence and type of home, can immediately obtain some estimates of the energy savings they can obtain through very simple measures,” said Radu Dudău, director of the Energy Policy Group and coordinator of the Efficient Romania project.

“Education and access to information, such as what you can get through the application launched today, help us to adopt a more responsible energy behavior. Energy efficiency of buildings is a mandatory step in combating climate change, given that buildings and the construction sector accounts for almost a third of final energy consumption and about 40% of direct and indirect global emissions, and are measures that each of us can take in our own homes to help reduce energy consumption,” said Christina Verchere, CEO of OMV Petrom.

For an efficient consumption of energy resources, beyond the renovation of the house, a very important component, but often neglected, is the one related to consumption habits. So, also in this app, users will find useful tips to reduce energy waste.

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