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E.ON Group has published the new Green Bond Framework

2 March 2021

E.ON officials presented yesterday the new Green Bond Framework, addressed to investors in institutional bonds.

The new E.ON framework differs from the one published in 2019, by a key detail: in addition to full alignment with the so-called ICMA principles, which today set the standard for green bonds on the capital market, it is also the first in the EU to fully meet the criteria EU taxonomy on sustainable economic activities and the draft delegated act. The EU taxonomy defines which economic activity is classified as environmentally sustainable and thus sets a European standard for sustainable investment.

E.ON’s Green Bonds Framework focuses on sustainable projects on both energy networks and customer solutions. Electricity networks play a key role in the energy transition. They form the central platform for successful decarbonisation in Europe and are therefore in line with EU taxonomy, with the exception of network connections for CO2 generating plants.

The new E.ON framework will first include electricity networks in Germany and Sweden, which already allow, to a very large extent, the supply of the network with renewable energy. On customer solutions’ side, the projects that E.ON develops for industrial or municipal customers will be included, the very efficient ones, which come with combined heating and energy solutions. Thus, investors have the opportunity to clearly participate in financing the sustainable projects of the E.ON Group.

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