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E.ON donates 500 MWh to four hospitals and care centers for vulnerable people

19 December 2023

E.ON Energie Romania invites social media users to jointly direct 500,000 kWh of energy, amount donated by the company, to four hospitals and care centers for vulnerable people, between December 18-22, 2023, as part of the tenth editions of the “Give Light” campaign.

This fall, 200 E.ON employees covered the complete route of Via Transilvanica, 1,400 km long, from Putna to Drobeta-Turnu Severin. In total, 11 million steps were taken, totaling 8,300 kilometers. Thus, 200,000 kWh of the amount that will be donated in the “Give Light” campaign represents the equivalent of the energy that the E.ON employees collected while traversing this tourist route.

Videos and posts about each of these institutions will be uploaded to the “Give Light” page on the Facebook, TikTok and Instagram platforms, and each encouraging comment, appreciation or redistribution of that post is equivalent to 100 kWh of energy that will be donated to the chosen institution , without costing the user anything.

This year’s campaign also comes with a first: intelligent lighting installations will be installed in the four institutions, so that every child, elderly or sick person in these institutions will feel the Christmas celebration. Specifically, for every 100 interactions for one of the institutions, a smart festive lighting installation will be lit in real time, so that the beneficiaries there can enjoy the support of the “Give Light” community.

A user can shine a light on one or more institutions included in this year’s edition of the campaign. Depending on the options expressed by the Romanians involved, the amounts of energy will be distributed to the beneficiaries, to be deducted from their electricity or natural gas bills.

Starting from 2015 and until now, E.ON has provided more than 2,250,000 kWh of energy to 71 institutions and 3,300 low-income families through the “Give Light” campaign.

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