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E.ON: Demand for prosumer solar installations increased by 65% in the first five months

3 July 2023

Between January and May 2023, demand for panels dedicated to residential prosumers continued to grow, recording a 65% advance compared to the same period last year, E.ON officials claim. Thus, the company has installed almost 300 photovoltaic systems for customers in the residential segment – about 3 per working day. In total, since the launch of the E.ON Solar Home solution, E.ON has installed more than 1,000 photovoltaic systems at home customers.

Moreover, a study carried out by E.ON on a nationally representative sample shows that interest in becoming prosumers has grown strongly among owners of individual homes (houses). Thus, more than 50% of them stated that they intend to purchase a photovoltaic system from an energy supplier during this year, marking an increase of more than 8% compared to 2021.

The continuously growing interest in photovoltaic systems is also explained by the fact that we start from a rather low level of equipment with such systems, only 3% of Romanians who live at home declaring that they have already installed photovoltaic panels.

At the same time, the results also reveal that 28% of Romanians know that they can purchase photovoltaic panel systems from their energy supplier.

The strong growth trend regarding the purchase of energy generation installations from renewable sources is also confirmed by the sales data of the E.ON Solar Home solution, launched on the market by the company in July 2020. Thus, the demand for this package has increased 10 times last year compared to 2021, the company installing and handing over 650 photovoltaic plants on a turnkey basis to customers, which means a cadence of almost 2 per day.

Among the top reasons why Romanians purchase the company’s solution are the possibility of paying in monthly installments for up to 7 years, the 15-year equipment guarantee, the pre- and post-sale services, the extra options such as the battery energy storage solution, the speed installation and last but not least the possibility of recovering the investment in 3-5 years, depending on the installed power of the photovoltaic system.

Also, the prospect of significant savings is also an important factor taken into account. For example, a 5 kW PV system that produces around 6,300 kWh per year can save 8,500 lei, according to simulations carried out on E.ON Solar Home.

A novelty for those who have the files approved for the subsidy of 20,000 lei from AFM through the Casa Verde Photovoltaice program is that, starting in June, they can purchase and install photovoltaic systems between 3 kWh and 50 kWh with E.ON Energie Romania. The warranty for the panels is 15 years, and for the inverter 10 years. The own contribution can be paid in full or in installments. In addition, for systems over 3 kWh, financing options are offered through E.ON partners, after installation.

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