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E-Infra: Nova Hydrogen Production starts the 5MW Nervia project


Nova Hydrogen Production, part of the E-Infra group, announces the start of the 5MW-Nervia hydrogen plant project, according to a press release.

The project consists in “the creation of a plant with a capacity of 5MW of green hydrogen production, composed of an electrolysis plant using alkaline technology, a water separator with hydrogen, a water separator with oxygen and a water treatment system, in the town of Turda, Cluj county,” says the release, according to

The installation would produce, annually, around 518 tons of green hydrogen, and the commissioning date is June 30, 2025, with the project being started in August 2022.

The project is partially financed by European funds, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The total amount is 50.2 million lei, of which the total amount eligible for European funding is 36.5 million lei.

Nova Hydrogen Production is part of the E-Infra group of companies, one of the strongest Romanian groups, active both on the energy market and in the field of energy infrastructure construction, perhaps better known to the general public for the fact that it operates the NetCity network. The group also includes the companies Nova Power and Gas, Electrogrop and Wesee and is involved, together with Nuclearelectrica, in the project of small modular nuclear reactors that would be installed in Doicești.

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