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Delgaz Grid established, in partnership with Topliţa City Hall, the local gas distribution network

13 December 2023

Starting from December of this year, the municipality of Topliţa, in Harghita county, is connected to the natural gas distribution network and, in this way, after the completion of the individual connections, both the inhabitants of the municipality and the companies in the area will be able to enjoy the benefits of natural gas in households, schools, public institutions, factories, etc.

The establishment of the new natural gas distribution consisted in the construction of 35 kilometers of pipes and branches on 33 streets in Toplița, the value of the investment being almost 13 million lei, one third being covered by the operator of the natural gas network Delgaz Grid, and the difference by the Town Hall of Topliţa, based on a partnership concluded between the two parties.

“We completed one of the most important investments in Toplița. The works started two years ago and the end of the year comes with this good news for the city’s residents, but also for the business environment. At the level of the entire company, in 2023, in collaboration with the local authorities, we established new natural gas distributions in 14 localities,” says Cristian Ifrim, Deputy General Director of Delgaz Grid.

“I would like to thank the Delgaz Grid company and the construction company Instgaz who, despite the small difficulties that arose and the many hours of work, showed professionalism and involvement throughout this extremely important project for our community,” said Dumitru Olariu, the mayor of the municipality of Toplița.

“It was a large-scale project that would not have been possible without a good collaboration between our company and the local authorities. There were also quite a few challenges and hardships during the two years, but we overcame them. The important thing is that from now on everyone who wants to connect to the gas network can do so,” adds Tudor Pop, Director of Strategy and Technology of the Delgaz Grid Gas Network.

So far, this year the new natural gas distributions from the localities: Someșu Rece (Cluj county) and Iojib (Satu Mare county) have been put into operation, and in the next period those from the Hudum localities will be put into operation , Mănăstirea Doamnei and Agafton (Botoșani county), Ciurea, Dumbrava and Cristești (Iași county), Berești and Curita (Bacău county), Voroneț (Suceava county), respectively Băbăsești and Potău (Satu Mare county).

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